Our Portfolio

LWTP Marsabit Project

It’s a project aimed at rehabilitating 240 kilometers of access roads for the Lake Turkana Wind Project (LWTP) and the construction of an on-site road network spanning 109 kilometers.

We have been contracted by civicon to provide hauling services during the Marsabit road construction.

GZI Can Factory in Kenya

The project is contracted to civicon Kenya with the aim of putting up a facility that will help serve the rising demand for cans in the canned beverages market. It is aimed at to produce a capacity of 1.2 billion pieces annually. The establishment of this unit will also pay a key role in the expansion of the manufacturing sector in Kenya.

To principally serving the Kenyan market, the Sultan Hamud based production unit will also generate exports and serve the market in other countries in the region.

Our involvement in this project is in the hauling and dumping services within the site and in the quary site. 

Bamburi Lafarge Supplies

Bamburi cement limited is a subsidiary of Lafarge, the world leader in building material. It is the largest cement producer in East Africa with the capacity to produce 2.5 million tons per annum.

We supply ballast and rock sand for production of cabro and read mix cement. 

Wrigley Project

The company has a Plant coming up in Athi River kenya

Our major role in this project is to start with dumping 30acres excavated soil then haul murram for back filling on to the site.

We are humbled to be associated with these companies..remember we are all you need for your construction needs


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